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Senior Athletes Recognize Educators that Impacted Their Lives
One of the many qualities that coaches look for in student athletes is “that they are coachable.” In other words, they are able to learn plays, techniques, and skills. They are teachable.

On Tuesday night, senior athletes at Cambridge High School turned the tables and recognized the teachers or staff members who positively impacted their experience as a Cambridge student from kindergarten through graduation.

Twenty-six senior athletes participating in fall sports recognized 16 educators at the Bobcat volleyball game. Those being recognized included teachers, coaches, administrators, and staff members.

The list of recognized educators included Laurie Goggin, Bob Mascolino, Jenna Hatfield, Tom Hannon, Ray Leek, Tim Leppla, JR Fox, Linda Bontrager, Alaina Tharp, Sadie Williams, Ray Sims, Joellen Perkins, Alisha Speer, Tom Moore, Dan Linscott and Kim Valentine.

While a few Cambridge School employees were recognized at the game, many were considered and also have made a positive impact.

As one senior, Kylie Taylor, wrote in her nomination form, “When I think about my years at Cambridge City Schools, I have to smile. There have been many amazing teachers, principals, coaches, custodians, bus drivers, cooks, nurses, and secretaries that have molded me, comforted me, and inspired me to be the person I am today.”

The Cambridge Athletic Department plans to host a Teacher-Staff Appreciation event for each athletic season giving all senior athletes a chance to recognize educators who have positively impacted their educational experience.