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CHS Students Selected for Ohio State High School Honor Band
Two Cambridge High School seniors will join approximately 250 other high school musicians in the 2023 Ohio State High School Honor Band this weekend in Columbus. 

Brielle Arnold, a flutist, and Brody Fogle, a percussionist, have been selected to play in the band after a pretty rigorous and competitive selection process. 

“This year, more than 600 students applied and about 270 were accepted into honor band,” said Zachary Krnach, director of bands at Cambridge High School. “I nominated eight with Brody and Brielle at the top of my list of students I would like to see represent Cambridge and they both were selected.”  

To be selected, the musicians first have to be recommended for the honor band by their director. After the recommendations are reviewed musicians who made it through the first cut must submit an audition video. 

“It was a little nerve racking having to record an audition song and introduce myself all together,” Arnold said. “I wasn’t performing in front of anyone but watching back the video and questioning if it was good enough was tough. But I was also proud of what I was able to do.” 
Brody, on the other hand, was a little more stressed over his audition. 

“I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I had to tell myself that the audition tape was okay and that from my audition, the judges could see all the hard work I put in,” Fogle said. “I was happy with the result.”

Both Brody and Brielle are a little nervous for the weekend, but excited for the opportunity. 

“I’m not a very outgoing person so being around some of the best musicians in the state of Ohio, it’s a little overwhelming,” Fogle said. “I think it will be cool to meet with other students that you’re not around every day, connect on a lyrical level and experience the teamwork that goes into a performance.” 

I’m definitely excited,” Arnold agreed. “I’m pretty nervous too because this is more prestigious than a lot of honor bands. People from all around the state are coming so I get to meet people from outside of Cambridge and that’s really cool.”

Getting to stay on campus overnight will also be a good learning experience as both Fogle and Arnold are planning to attend college next year. 

Arnold is deciding between studying criminology and game design but still wants to be involved in music. Wherever she decides to attend college, she definitely wants to play in the school band. 

“I want to leave music as a hobby and not pursue it as a career,” Arnold said. “I never want music to feel like a job but more something I do to relieve stress and enjoy.” 

Fogle, on the other hand, would like to make music his career and share his passion for music with others. 

“I actually want to be a secondary school band director at a middle or high school,” Fogle said. “I really want to share the passion I have for playing in band. I feel like nothing can match that feeling. 

“While being an educator has its pros and cons,” Fogle continued, “I feel like the number one thing for me is sharing that passion with other people. That is why I want to teach band in my future.”

Director Krnach agrees. 

“This is such a great opportunity for them to receive instruction from other directors and experience music with other students from around the state,” Krnach said. “The event brings so many different cultures and ideas from so many school districts, directors and the students together at one big event where they can share their passion and love of music.” 

The honor band event includes three different bands that students will be assigned to. Schedules will vary slightly for each band throughout the weekend but the concerts will be on Sunday at 1:30, 2:15 and 3 p.m. 

For more information on the honor band weekend, you can visit the website at