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PAX Good Behavior Game

About the PAX Good Behavior Game

The PAX Good Behavior Game is a universal preventive intervention used by teachers and schools to teach self-regulation, self-management, and self-control in young people. The game is way to encourage good behavior in and out of the classroom by focusing attention on good behaviors.

Cambridge City School District has implemented the PAX Good Behavior Game at the Primary and Intermediate schools and is seeing the positive impact the PAX is having on students.

Most teachers find that implementing the game in their classroom and in the school improves the behavior of the students and allows them to spend more time teaching academics. 

More importantly, the game has a positive impact on students. They tend to be kinder, more supportive, and more encouraging to their classmates and more respectful to their teachers and other adults. 

According to the PAXIS Institute, research has shown that playing the PAX Good Behavior Game radically improves outcomes in schools including:
  • Decreases in identification for special education services
  • Decreases in office referrals and school-related violence
  • Increases in reading scores
  • Increases in standardized test scores in reading and mathematics
Statistics also indicate that students who learn the PAX Good Behavior Game are less likely to use drugs or alcohol or get into legal trouble.

A grant from the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (MHRS) paid for the first level training of all of the Pre-K through fifth grade teachers in Cambridge. In addition, MHRS funded internal PAX Partners training, PAX Heroes training and PAX Community Partners training. 

Last year, in cooperation with AllWell Behavioral Health, the school district hired a PAX external partner to help develop the program at the Intermediate and Primary schools. The position is funded in part by Allwell Behavioral Health, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the MHRS Board of Zanesville. 

The external partner helps the district develop the PAX Program further by developing in-house teams, modeling the various kernels and developing a level of sustainability within the staff to maintain a strong PAX program.
A strong PAX program means students feeling good about themselves. 

PAX is not a discipline program and it is not a class management program, although it can be beneficial in both of those areas. It is a strategy to increase positivity. The idea is for kids to feel positive about themselves.

How PAX GBG Works

Each classroom starts the school year by creating a PAX Vision. Teachers and students decide together what they want to see, hear, feel, and do more of, and what they want to see, hear feel and do less of.

It is extremely important for the kids to be involved in creating the vision. If the students come up with the ideas for the vision, they are more likely to believe it and follow it. The vision sets up expectations; not only what teachers want, but what the students expect from each other.

While PAX behaviors are encouraged at all the times, during the PAX Good Behavior Game, teachers watch the student’s behavior more closely. The game might be played for a minute or can extend to 45 minutes. Students may be divided into teams or may participate as a group.

The idea of the PAX Good Behavior game is to get through the predetermined time period with a minimum number of “spleems.” Spleems are behaviors the teachers and students want to see less of. The goal for a Good Behavior Game is to have three spleems or less. If a team or group has three spleems or less, they receive a reward.

Students are rewarded with a Granny Wacky Prize which is a short activity that encourages students to have a little fun. The prizes are pulled from a bag of Granny’s Wacky prizes or selected from the PAX app and can be something as simple as doing jumping jacks beside your desk.

Spleems are usually earned for inattentive behaviors like looking off into space, constantly getting up and moving, or fidgeting with an object that may cause a distraction to other students. The idea is to draw down inattentive behaviors and create more instruction time for teachers.

Other PAX kernels that are implemented are PAX Quiet where a teacher or student holds up the peace sign with their fingers. A teacher blows a harmonica – which is a more peaceful sound than a whistle – and the kids will get quiet and bring their attention to the teacher because it’s time to move on or the teacher has a direction to give.

PAX Sticks – popsicle sticks with student’s names on them -- are pulled from a jar to call on students to answer questions or sign up for classroom jobs, etc.

PAX Hands and Feet is a way to talk about what a student should be doing with their hands at certain times. For example, when walking down the hallway, hands should be at the student’s side and not touching the walls or other students.
Other kernels include PAX Voices, Beat the Timer, and PAX Okay/Not Okay. All PAX kernels lead to the Good Behavior Game.

After students complete the PAX Good Behavior Game, they spend a few minutes reflecting on the game by talking about how they did. They talk about things they did well and things they can do better. Because the PAX Vision is a living document, the students can decide to add to the vision or take things off the vision that they have been doing well.

The reflection time encourages students to self-regulate which helps teachers with time management and provides time for the positive reinforcement.


Another way students receive positive reinforcement in the PAX Good Behavior Game is with tootles.

A tootle is a positive note that lets a recipient know that someone noticed their good behavior.

A tootle tells students that they did a great job and that someone is proud of them. It is something that goes with them that they can have forever. When they are having a bad day, they can pull out their tootles and feel better about themselves.

Tootles are often given by teachers to students but can also be given by students to other students, by students to teachers, and by students to their parents or other community members.

PAX Leaders

While there are a number of benefits to the PAX Good Behavior Game, the biggest is that students learn to be PAX Leaders.
PAX Leaders are not elected by classmates or appointed by the teacher, any and every student is a PAX Leader.
All of our kids are PAX Leaders. Students to see themselves as PAX Leaders because they helped a friend, or helped a teammate win the game, or helped the teacher, or helped a brother or sister or somebody in the community.

2021-2022 PAX Leaders

2021-2022 PAX Leaders

3rd Grade    
Mrs. McGuire     Julian Williams
Mrs. Meeker       Rylee Roberts
Mrs. Stoner        Peyton Meredith
Mrs. Tuttle          Piper Castello
Miss Swanson    Emilia Cravenor
Mrs. Smith         Kansas Laishley
Ms. Gander        Addison Christie
Mrs. Coulter       Brooklyn Ryan
4th Grade    
Mrs. S. Jones    Lilli Arnold
Mr. Ruby           Haylie Mack
Mrs. Zaleski      Skylar Kenworthy
Mrs. J. Jones    Hunter Thomas
Mrs. Younker     Mikayla Bergeson
Miss Snyder      Camila Corea-Vasquez
5th Grade    
Miss Bott          Henley Brandt
Ms. Orr            Kaden McDaniel
Mrs. Stinson    Tanalee Bozarth
Ms. Sneddon    Lathan Morris
Mrs. Rogers     Tynli DuBose
Mr. Starr          Maria Garcia
CC Room    
Mr. George      Amaylee Brownfield

3rd Grade   
Mrs. McGuire       Arabella Wells
Mrs. Meeker        Gage Voorhies
Mrs. Stoner         Connor Bond
Mrs. Tuttle           Johnny Jones
Miss Swanson    Cruz Engstrom
Mrs. Smith           Lacey Johnson
Ms. Gander         Braelyn Garner
Mrs. Coulter        Braxley Shaddix
4th Grade    
Mrs. S. Jones    Gillian Finnicum
Mr. Ruby           Brennenn Eyen
Mrs. Zaleski      Jackson Bugher
Mrs. J. Jones     Allena Johnson
Mrs. Younker     Kennidi Latham
Miss Snyder      Kamren Lewis
5th Grade   
Miss Bott           Will Brown
Ms. Orr              Aubrie Stoner
Mrs. Stinson     Grant Stoner
Ms. Sneddon    Trey Leek
Mrs. Rogers      Madison Endicott
Mr. Starr           Haley Bless
CC Room   
Mr. George     Jeff Burton

3rd Grade    
Mrs. McGuire    Kaylinn Hayman
Mrs. Meeker    Katherine Vasquez
Mrs. Stoner    Nevaeh Tabler
Mrs. Tuttle    Kailee McConahay
Miss Swanson    Phoenix Henry
Mrs. Smith    Branston Hood
Ms. Gander    Katelyn Siddle
Mrs. Coulter    Shane Knaup
4th Grade    
Mrs. S. Jones    Sophia Wheeler
Mr. Ruby    Brandon Ford
Mrs. Zaleski    Bentley Neff
Mrs. J. Jones    London Prim
Mrs. Younker    Khloe Wilson
Miss Snyder    Saydee Shiflett
5th Grade    
Miss Bott    Joss Snyder
Ms. Orr    Sydnee Craft
Mrs. Stinson    Rylee Chapman
Ms. Sneddon    Sonja Malpica
Mrs. Rogers    Cami Rebstock
Mr. Starr    Spencer Rogers
CC Room    
Mr. George    Kadden ScaddenMarch

3rd Grade                
Mrs. McGuire    Jarren Lowery            
Mrs. Meeker     Quentin Villers            
Mrs. Stoner      Cameron Moore            
Mrs. Tuttle        Trenton Sestina            
Miss Swanson  Kloie Milton            
Mrs. Smith        Alexxius Robinson            
Ms. Gander      Donovin Distin            
Mrs. Coulter     Adalie Shaddix            
4th Grade                
Mrs. S. Jones    Nicholas LaPlante            
Mr. Ruby            Maxine Shriver            
Mrs. Zaleski       Alexandria Pettiford            
Mrs. J. Jones    Cohen Krise            
Mrs. Younker    Lucy Meyer            
Miss Snyder     Blakelynn LaFollette            
5th Grade                
Miss Bott     Carver Huggins            
Ms. Orr     Marina Mascolino            
Mrs. Stinson    Valentina Corea            
Ms. Sneddon    Aubrey Ballentine            
Mrs. Rogers    Jocelyn Butts            
Mr. Starr     Parker Neff            
CC Room                
Mr. George     SkyLynn Adams

3rd Grade
Mrs. McGuire    Charley Durbin
Mrs. Meeker    Andrew Mason
Mrs. Stoner    Cameron Moore
Mrs. Tuttle    Bentley Baker
Miss Swanson    Madelyn Bowman
Mrs. Smith    Kaylee Wheeler
Ms. Gander    Phoebe Hearing
Mrs. Coulter    Rocco Florio

4th Grade    
Mrs. S. Jones    Isabella Curtis
Mr. Ruby    Kayli Hylton
Mrs. Zaleski    Bentley Mobelini
Mrs. J. Jones    Trenton Marsden 
Mrs. Younker    Haidyn McElroy
Miss Snyder    Jailyn King 
5th Grade    
Miss Bott    Jacelynn Rodriguez
Ms. Orr    Bentlee Hood
Mrs. Stinson    Kendra Norman
Ms. Sneddon    Addisyn Stage
Mrs. Rogers    Iliyah Vallen
Mr. Starr    Madyson Francis
CC Room    
Mr. George    Alivia Harding

2020-2021 PAX Leaders

September 2020
3rd Grade 
Mrs. McGuire          Maxine Shriver
Mrs. Tuttle              Liam Valentine
Mrs. Coulter            Donovan Carpenter
Mrs. Stoner             Brian Frenton
Ms. Jones               Skylar Kenworthy
Ms. Gander             Brennen Eyen
Mrs. Smith              Isabella Curtis
Ms. Swanson          Kennidi Latham
Mrs.  Strasser         Kolton Tanner
Miss Brockelbank    Kameren Lewis
4th Grade
Mrs. Jones              Paige Ayers
Mrs. Pearson           TreVaughn Harris
Mr. Ruby                 Avery Dodd
Mrs. Stinson            Grant Stoner
Mrs. Younker           Shiloh Blasenhauer
Mrs. Zaleski            Mason Marlatt
Mrs. Starr               Blake Warden
Mrs. Winland           Madyson Francis
5th Grade
Miss Bott                Julia Patterson
Ms. Orr                   Brody Forshey
Mrs. Dyer                Brayden Biddle
Mrs. Scrudders       Christian Hrinko
Mrs. Sneddon         Stephanie Reed
Mrs. Rogers            Audrianna Lingafelter
Mrs. Eubanks          Zaden Gatrell
Mr. Starr                 Riley Grewell
CC Room     
Mr. Strasser            Matthew Kingsbury
October 2020
3rd Grade
Mrs. McGuire          Dason Winland
Mrs. Tuttle              Lilly Neufeld
Mrs. Coulter            Eli Maley
Mrs. Stoner             Mikayla Bergeson
Ms. Jones               Gillian Finnicum
Ms. Gander             Allena Johnston
Mrs. Smith              Cohen Krise
Ms. Swanson          Cody McBride
Mrs. Strasser           Khloe Wilson
Miss Brockelbank    Lain Thompson
4th Grade
Mrs. Jones              Wyatt Metzdorf
Miss Pearson          Eli Wright
Mr. Ruby                 Tynli DuBose
Mrs. Stinson            Sydnee Craft
Mrs. Younker           Tanalee Bozarth
Mrs. Zaleski            Laney Gebhart
Mrs. Starr               Haley Bless
Mrs. Winland           Aiden Williams
5th Grade
Miss Bott                Kaitlyn Lanum
Ms. Orr                   Alexis Carte
Mrs. Dyer                Avery Fogle
Mrs. Scrudders       Brody Latham
Mrs. Sneddon         Bristol Saft
Mrs. Rogers            Jacob Peters
Mrs. Eubanks          Trey Leek
Mr. Starr                 Cami Ritchie
CC Room
Mr. Strasser            Aliza Rogers
November 2020
3rd Grade
Mrs. McGuire          Kylie Roe
Mrs. Tuttle              Madison Truman
Mrs. Coulter            Sunnessa Freeman
Mrs. Stoner             Noah Jeffrey
Ms. Jones               Hunter Gordon
Ms. Gander             Joey Stich
Mrs. Smith              Milo Marlatt
Ms. Swanson          Bella Pyles
Mrs. Strasser           Lainey Gatrell
Miss Brockelbank    Hunter Rodgers
4th Grade
Mrs. Jones              Valentina Corea
Miss Pearson          Carol Anne Frenton
Mr. Ruby                Marina Mascolino
Mrs. Stinson            Bryson Williams
Mrs. Younker           Kyler Strawsburg
Mrs. Zaleski            A.J. Ross
Mrs. Starr               John Eash
Mrs. Winland           Eva Walker
5th Grade
Miss Bott                Austin Huntsman
Ms. Orr                   Hailee Shuler
Mrs. Dyer                Coltyn Hood
Mrs. Scrudders       Kaedence Hood
Mrs. Sneddon         Andrew Burlingame
Mrs. Rogers            Blaise Barlow
Mrs. Eubanks          Zachary Leister
Mr. Starr                 Madeline Furbee
CC Room
Mr. Strasser            Phoenix Miron
January 2021
3rd Grade
Mrs. McGuire          Maxine Shriver
Mrs. Tuttle              Ryder Lashley
Mrs. Coulter            Bentley Lovejoy
Mrs. Stoner             Connie Cairelli
Ms. Jones               Haylie Mack
Ms. Gander             Aubree Allen
Mrs. Smith              Addelyn Uran
Ms. Swanson          JJ Garcia
Mrs. Strasser           Trenton Marsden
Miss Brockelbank    Lilli Arnold
4th Grade
Mrs. Jones              Bentlee Hood
Mrs. Pearson           Kendra Norman
Mr. Ruby                 Keaton Davis
Mrs. Stinson            Parker Neff
Mrs. Younker           Tanalee Bozarth
Mrs. Zaleski            Addisyn Stage
Mrs. Starr               Spencer Rogers
Mrs. Winland           Gracie Barr
5th Grade
Miss Bott                Caden Price
Ms. Orr                   Taylor Warden
Mrs. Dyer                Sophia Johnston
Mrs. Scrudders       Bladen Ryan
Ms. Sneddon           Austin Kidwell
Mrs. Rogers            Kalynn Douglas
Mrs. Eubanks          Scott Carpenter
Mr. Starr                 Liam Simmermon
CC Room     
Mr.  Strasser           Kaden Scaden
February 2021
3rd Grade    
Mrs.  McGuire          Kaedence Long
Mrs. Tuttle               Jace Hazinakis
Mrs. Coulter             Ryder Conrad
Mrs. Stoner              Jackson Bugher
Ms. Jones                Isabella Jeffrey
Ms. Gander              Nataleah Cosgrave
Mrs. Smith               Charleigh Gardine-Patrick
Ms. Swanson           Joclynn Jones
Mrs. Strasser           Macayla Sanford
Miss Brockelbank     Brandon Ford
4th Grade    
Mrs. Jones               Connor Wells
Mrs. Brown              Bentley Callihan
Mr. Ruby                  Lathan Morris
Mrs. Stinson             Coby Miles
Mrs. Younker           Gabriella Alexander
Mrs. Zaleski             Joss Snyder
Mrs. Starr                Aubree Cline
Mrs. Winland            Alejandro Quintero
5th Grade    
Miss Bott                Brylee King
Ms. Orr                   Chyanne Lanum
Mrs. Dyer                Skya Scarbo
Mrs. Scrudders and
Mrs. Lucas               Ariston Dean
Ms. Sneddon           Nevaeh Clodferlter
Mrs. Eubanks          Janessa Jeffery
Mr. Starr                  Ian Archibald
CC Room     
Mr. Strasser            Drew King
March 2021
3rd Grade    
Mrs.  McGuire         Bentley Hickman
Mrs. Tuttle              Kaylinn Hayman
Mrs. Coulter            Damian Crews
Mrs. Stoner             Faith Durham
Ms. Jones               Myles Erwin
Ms. Gander             Camila Corea
Mrs. Smith              Truxton Smith
Ms. Swanson          Rhett Carley
Mrs. Strasser           Dominic Rogers
Miss Brockelbank    Olivia Hood
4th Grade    
Mrs. Jones              Maria Garcia
Miss Pearson          Rylee Chapman
Mr. Ruby                 Jazlynne Loy
Mrs. Stinson            Adrionna Kirkman
Mrs. Younker           Alexis Ginsbach
Mrs. Zaleski            William Brown
Mrs. Starr               Rosie Carpenter
Mrs. Winland           Luke Blancett
5th Grade    
Miss Bott                Madison Caim
Ms. Orr                   Zaidyn Smith
Mrs. Dyer                Asher Byerly
Mrs. Scrudders and
Mrs. Lucas             Jordynn Jones
Ms. Sneddon         Aubreigh Dilley
Mrs. Rogers           Leighton Brown
Mrs. Eubanks         Johnathan Cosgrave
Mr. Starr                 Payne Burke
CC Room     
Mr. Strasser            Lucas Lippert
April 2021
3rd Grade    
Mrs. McGuire          Anthony Kenisell
Mrs. Tuttle              Haidyn McElroy
Mrs. Coulter            Aubrie Bennett
Mrs. Stoner             Isabell Brown
Ms.Jones                Allie Voorhies
Ms.Gander             Anthony Stine
Mrs. Smith              Khloe Wilson
Ms. Swanson          Kinsley Smailes
Mrs. Strasser           Sophie Poole
Miss Brockelbank    Aurora Cooper
4th Grade
Mrs. Jones              Samantha Dong
Miss Pearson          Yara Garcia
Mr. Ruby                 Madyson Francis
Mrs. Stinson            Brayden Webb
Mrs. Younker           Madison Endicott
Mrs. Zaleski            Avionna Chandler
Mrs. Starr               Liam Cutlip
Mrs. Winland           Quintin Barclay
5th Grade
Miss Bott                Joanna Brown
Ms. Orr                   Layla Miller
Mrs. Dyer                Jasmine Price
Mrs. Scrudders and    
Mrs. Lucas              Levi Eltringham
Ms. Sneddon           Isabella Valentine
Mrs. Eubanks          Emalee Kennedy
Mr.  Starr                Nevaeh Clodfelter

We Are PAX

If the PAX Good Behavior Game works, it permeates everything the student does in and out of school. Parents are encouraged to implement PAX at home. In fact, there are trainings available for parents, guardians, and community members, called PAX Tools, so they can learn how to implement PAX strategies at home and in the community.

PAX may begin as a program in our schools, but the goal is that it becomes a way of life. PAX equals peace, productivity, health and happiness; those are basics for living. They are objectives that everyone hopes for and works towards.  

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